SEDDI Textura

AI-powered textile digitalization

Textura is the smarter way to scale your digital textile library. Its unique AI engine uses real textile data and rigorous machine learning to construct trustworthy 3D representations – right from your desktop – giving you high-quality virtual fabrics at a fraction of the time and cost.
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  • Scale without limits

    AI generates consistent and repeatable results in large quantities with minimal human intervention.

  • More time for creativity

    Cuts waiting times from days to minutes with no need for iterative physical samples.

  • Greater convenience, smaller investment

    Anyone can get brilliant results with zero training and an off-the-shelf flatbed scanner.

  • Realism you can rely on

    High-quality texture maps and seamless tiling for accurate appearance and drape.

How it works

1. Scan

Scan your samples locally and upload images and basic metadata

3. Download

Download your CAD-ready digital fabrics within hours.

2. Generate

Textura generates high-quality texture maps and optional seamless tiling.

4. Create

Get better, faster results compatible with any 3D software.

How it works

Try Textura for free
Try Textura for free
SEDDI Textura

Web-based garment engineering

Author makes online collaboration easier for your team and partners. It’s a cloud-native 3D CAD platform that’s tailor made for apparel development, giving you a shared web environment to accurately prototype garments, simulate fit and make decisions together.
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  • Better connections, whole collections

    Powerful digital tools to connect teams and projects – make decisions and changes to entire lines with one click.

  • Creative freedom

    A flexible digital world to imagine, experiment and explore the physical possibilities, unconstrained by physical sampling.

  • Trust in the fit

    No more drape doubts or seam surprises, thanks to physically accurate interaction between garments and soft-tissue avatars.

  • Easy access

    The beauty of SaaS – simple and intuitive browser-based interface that anyone can use, at any time, from anywhere.

Something for


  • Realize your creations in brilliant 3D
  • Review your entire line together
  • Give virtual presentations for review

Technical Designers

  • Do real-time construction trials and virtual fittings
  • Work faster without physical samples
  • Get technical information for factories


  • Review your entire line together
  • Share feedback directly with design teams
  • Make last-minute fabric changes and see results instantly


  • Build samples that match factory production details
  • Make virtual fitting decisions with brands and customers
  • Work more efficiently without physical samples

How it works

1. Design

Iterate on existing styles to develop next season’s designs

3. Fit

Evaluate fit virtually with realistic seams, cloth and body simulation

2. Sew

Jump into Author from anywhere and start sewing garments

4. Approve

Invite your team to collaborate and finalize collections together

How it works

See how we fit

Try Textura for free
Try Textura for free
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Demo Author