Building a Digital
Fashion World
Powerful technology meets human creativity
SEDDI is building a digital world to transform the way we interact with clothing. Our goal is an apparel industry that is scalable and sustainable and creates new opportunities to engage with customers.
Learn how our collaborative solutions are transforming the digital supply chain
The SEDDI Difference
Seddi creates accurate “digital twin” simulations of textiles, clothing and bodies. Our simulations are used for design, sales, merchandising, and ecommerce. Digital twins help the industry go digital and become more efficient while improving customer engagement.
Photorealistic yarn-based digital twins for the apparel industry
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Meet the
SEDDI team
SEDDI is an international team of researchers, fashion futurists, and innovators. We are building solutions to help the apparel supply chain go digital and become more sustainable. Together we are building a digital fashion world.
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