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Virtual fashion deserves better

It’s 2017. Graham Sullivan, a senior operating partner at a New York City private equity firm, is frustrated by how difficult it is to try and buy clothes online to fit his 6’9” frame.

Turns out, he’s not the only one. In fact, 30% of online shoppers over-purchase multiple styles and sizes because they can’t trust what they see on their screens.

This buy-try-return cycle isn’t just inconvenient for consumers. It’s an expensive problem for businesses, costing the fashion industry over $450 billion annually. And it’s a disaster for the environment, sending 18.6 million tons of garment waste to landfill every year.

There has to be a better way.

Graham sets out to find it. Applying his engineering degrees with his extensive experience in solving logistical problems for companies, he joins forces with four PhDs in Spain, Canada and the US to create trustworthy 3D simulations of textiles, garments and bodies that solve this problem.

SEDDI is born.

Fashion’s first 3D CAD platform

Its pioneering approach to technology is a first for the industry: applying robust science, engineering and data to take virtual simulations to new levels of accuracy, while also making 3D design and collaboration more accessible through cloud-native SaaS platforms.

With significant early investments, grants and research partnerships, SEDDI grows quickly to include scientists, technologists, designers and futurists working across disciplines to bring the vision to life.

Textura, SEDDI’s first product, revolutionizes how users create and scale their library of virtual fabrics. It uses AI to generate realistic digital fabrics based on real textile mechanical and optical data, machine learning and years of research into the physics of textiles. Users can upload fabrics from any scanner to the cloud and see how they drape and move on digital forms.

Author, SEDDI’s flagship product for 3D garment engineering, brings to life virtual collaboration across the whole fashion supply chain. It’s a cloud-native 3D CAD platform that realistically models seams, stitching, cloth and body interaction – providing a shared web environment to prototype garments, evaluate fit and make decisions together.

Shaping the future of fashion

Physically accurate virtual textiles, garments and bodies are the building blocks for the future of fashion in the metaverse and the physical world. With SEDDI, brands, manufacturers and consumers can make confident decisions based on what they see on screen.

Time-consuming and wasteful physical sampling will soon be a thing of the past. SEDDI is giving the fashion industry the ability to own its own web 3.0 journey with eco-friendly digital workflows that make it more efficient, sustainable and equipped to break the costly buy-try-return cycle.

SEDDI technology already allows for virtual try-on at every step of the design process – but we’re not stopping there. We’re shaping a world where consumers can customize their own accurate, soft tissue 3D avatars and shop their favorite brands with complete confidence in the virtual fitting experience.

For brands and retailers, the data sourced from years of industry experience and consumer shopping behavior – plus new data streams from virtual fittings and daily customers – will revolutionize how the world designs, sells, markets and shops for apparel.

Meet the team

We’re an international team of top scientific researchers, fashion experts and tech innovators, here to build a fashion world we can all believe in.
Gabriel Cirio
Gabriel CirioTechnology Manager
Gabriel is a computer scientist with a PhD in Computer Graphics and a bunch of academic publications on simulation related stuff. He spends his days working with his team on the many challenges of digital garments, including geometric modelling, simulation and digitalization. He loves playing sports, while being consistently bad at all of them.
Julie DeLoca
Julie DeLocaChief Marketing Officer
Julie is an innovative marketer, storyteller and brand builder with expertise spanning fashion, tech, beauty and luxury. An agency president, fashion CMO, start-up advisor, mentor and social good advocate, Julie brings 20+ years’ experience to media with an emphasis on brand strategy and immersive experiences. Julie is a mom of two teenage entrepreneurs, an avid gardener, chef, yogi and traveler.
Elena Garcés
Elena GarcésTechnology Manager
Elena is a researcher who has focused the last decade of her career on making computers understand the world and materials around us. With a PhD from the University of Zaragoza, and a passion for learning and design, she has now perfected her balance between creating state-of-the-art AI-powered solutions and daily yoga practice.
Jorge López-Moreno
Jorge López-MorenoChief Science Officer
Jorge’s love for computer graphics and digital art began in childhood, leading to a PhD in computer engineering and 20+ years of multimedia projects, start-up building, research fellowships, scientific papers, video games and lots of fun discovering how to control the appearance of virtual objects and images. Jorge is an Associate Professor of computer graphics at URJC University.
Julie Meyer
Julie MeyerChief Financial Officer
Julie is a financial services professional with over 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. She spends her days modelling to help companies raise capital, evaluating opportunities for investors and playing fetch with her dog on the beach.
Alan Murray
Alan MurrayVP Product
Alan is a seasoned start-up builder with over 20 years’ experience turning emerging technologies into best-in-class SaaS products. At SEDDI, he talks with brands about digital-first product strategies and realizing their visions in the digital world. In his spare time, he’s a dedicated analog photographer, capturing the world on large-format film and creating fine art prints in the darkroom.
Yoram Burg
Yoram BurgChief Commercial Officer
With 30 years of entrepreneurial experience spanning Asia, Middle East and North America, he has held various senior positions in technology and nontechnology businesses. Yoram spent 16 years with Optitex, a leading provider of 3D CAD, and served as President of North America, India and Sri Lanka for Optitex (acquired by EFI). Yoram has managed numerous functions including information technology, purchasing, business planning, project and change management as well as leading international teams in strategic sales, marketing, system implementations and support.
Jason Powell
Jason PowellVP Software Engineering
Jason is an outcome-oriented senior tech leader with over 25 years’ experience delivering software to solve business problems across SaaS, enterprise and consulting. Jason spends his days mentoring SEDDI’s talented developers, developing best practices and pining for another New York Islanders Stanley Cup victory.
Graham Sullivan
Graham SullivanCEO
Graham is a lucky man with an amazing team of SEDDI Knights! After a career transforming mid-market industrial companies as CEO and private equity senior operating partner, he co-founded SEDDI to create the online clothes shopping experience he dreamed of having himself. He sails, plays guitar badly, writes and hopes someday to play tennis with Gabriel (a Uruguayan junior tennis champ!).

Are you SEDDI material?

Are you SEDDI material?

Are you SEDDI material?

It takes a special kind of person to revolutionize an industry. SEDDI is full of them.

We’re people who blend business and technical savvy with a love of the fashion business. We’re driven to achieve a big-picture vision, while never forgetting that the small details matter.

We’re team players who collaborate across functions and help to build great relationships with customers and partners. And we’re motivated self-starters who are comfortable making decisions in a complex world with no easy answers.

If you’re cut from the same cloth, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for talented people from around the world to join our growing teams in Madrid (Spain), Halifax (Canada) and New York (USA). Remote working options are also available.

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