Swap wasteful physical samples for digital ones accurate enough to make confident design and production decisions

Make your entire supply chain more reliable, productive and collaborative with cloud-native software

Reduce costly errors of physical fittings by capturing accurate, consistent and reusable measurement data in a virtual environment

Quickly generate photorealistic digital renders for look books, lines sheets, social media and PDPs – creating product views and colorways with one click

Reduce returns with accurate virtual try-on

Expand your brand in the metaverse with apparel that’s fit to be worn in any world

Easily generate consistent and accurate digital fabrics, reducing environmental impacts of physical shipping and sampling

Scale a large digital textile library quickly, cost-effectively and with zero waste

Improve collaboration and strengthen your partnerships with brands through leading cloud-native technology

Take your creativity and productivity to new levels using the industry’s first true 3D CAD platform

Make collaboration easy with a shared digital workspace that others can join without specialist skills or experience

Use cutting-edge technology to strengthen your relationships and marketability with brands and partners

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SEDDI Textura

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SEDDI Author

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